As the entire country is going into total lock-down for the next 14 days, our Response Team at ULTIMAX SECURITY is fully geared up and ready to assist our valued clients during any form of Emergency situation 24/7.

As part of our Contingency Plan to counter the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have provided medical face-masks, hand gloves and sanitizes to our Tactical Team members including all employees.

While everyone else is safe back in their hideouts with their families, there are thousands of hardworking and loyal security guards working around the country, risking their own lives to make sure all government and business assets are safe and secured.

Please give them a wave or a smile to encourage and lift their morale to face the uncertain challenges that lies ahead.

We can fight this dreadful virus by working together as a team and take personal responsibility as individuals as well towards achieving a common goal.

May God continue to be with us as always.

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