Our Papua New Guinean men usually take pride in our cultural heritage. We come from a country with many great cultural principles that we always speak highly of in our communities. However, we seem to fall victim to a disease that has been slowly eating away our moral judgement. The beating of our poor wives, mothers, sisters and daughters is something that needs to STOP! The majority of our men work too hard everyday to rise from the hardship to make sure our family have a good meal and a future. However, there are some weak men in our society that try to prove their manhood by beating up their wives. No men becomes a hero from beating his wife. If there are men who are reading this who sometimes beat their wives due to stress and other reasons, we need to STOP! To the ladies who are living a life in fear all the time, you need to rise up! Make your voice known and realize that we are all equal in this land. The day that we all start respecting women in our community and treating them with care and genuine love, that is the time when PNG will truly move forward. We cannot continue to live with parts of our cultures that are outdated. Say No To Violence and Protect our wives, daughters and mothers.

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