Mr. Clifton Keva, 28 from Goilala District in the Central Province was an unemployed youth who roamed the streets of Port Moresby indulging in criminal means to survive. Such was the life of young Clifton until he got caught by Ultimax Security guards.
In 2016, on a busy Friday, Clifton walked in to Badili Clothing shop, grabbed couple shirts and tried to smuggle them out. Unfortunately, the Ultimax Security guards caught him red-handed and wanted him locked up at the Badili Police Cell.
However, Mr. Collin Kopyoto, the Managing Director of Ultimax Security intervened, interviewed him and reckoned that he was an unemployed youth that never had the chance to go to school so engaged in criminal activities. Here, Clifton was given an employment opportunity at Ultimax Security with free accommodation.
Since then, Clifton completely changed his way of life. He never looked back and he is now one of the most loyal, committed and honest guard at our prime location MRDC Haus Down Town.
As a nationally owned security firm based in POM, we care for the local citizens who are involved in dishonest ways of living. We not only contribute towards reducing law and order issues in the city but also transform lives of uneducated youths.

Mr. Clifton Keva

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