Following our previous article, Be Aware, Be Ready, Be Alert, here’s few tips on how owners can quickly recover their stolen vehicle in good time.

1. If possible, have a reliable security system installed in your vehicle. Registering to a secured GPS tracking system is one of the most reliable security tool to recover stolen vehicles.

2. Take photographs of your vehicle from all angles (i.e. back, front & sides) and safely store in your mobile phone or PC beforehand. Vehicle registration and any other apparent marks on your vehicle must also be captured.

3. Have reliable emergency contact numbers always in your phone or note book. The first three (3) that comes to mind are the police, your local security provider and your appropriate friends/relatives.
*Below is Boroko Police 24hours Operations phone numbers.
– 180 0100 (Toll Free)
– 324 4331

4. Straight after a car theft, call and notify the police plus your emergency contacts, giving clear details of the incident. Time, incident location, vehicle registration plus make, model & colour and the direction stolen vehicle is headed are important information that should be shared first and foremost. Also, share saved pictures of the stolen vehicle on all social media alert groups and emails to seek wider assistance.

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