When clients sign up with us they trust us to protect their assets to the best of our ability.

At Ultimax we don’t take that obligation lightly, to us, it is beyond just a commercial relationship.

And our experience in the protective services industry has taught us too well that the general elections pose extra ordinary challenges for business houses and communities.

Hence, to gear up for the upcoming National General Elections, ULTIMAX SECURITY recently organized an in-house Leadership training for all our operations Supervisors equipping them with the necessary skills and information needed to carry out their tasks effectively during this Election period. A well informed team is a well prepared team.

The workshop included review of our clientele operational portfolios, election related risk assessment for all the service streams, and counter measure planning to proactively mitigate and overcome challenges.

With the aim to constantly improve the Level of Protective Services in the Industry, and be a role model for Local firms in the country, Ultimax Security prides itself in preparing its guards and staff with the right tools and techniques needed.

At ULTIMAX we work hard and focus on delivering services beyond the status quo and we believe in being proactive.

The Tribe at ULTIMAX is now ready and fired up to give “The Ultimate Protection” to our valued clients and service users.

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