PNG is commonly referred to as the ‘land of the unexpected’. As a local SME we can not discount that notion in our business strategy. We have to be intentional in establishing systems and process that are resilient to any such unexpected unwanted events.
Though it is usually overlooked all our chauffeur fleets are kitted with fire extinguishers and first aid kits. But having first aid kits in the vehicles alone is meaningless if the people operating the units do not know how to use them when the need arises.
To bridge that gap we sourced credible services providers to deliver such relevant trainings for the targeted skills as is our practice.
Kudos to the team at ULTIMAX SECURITY to have complete this value-added training in Basic First Aid this week. A trained person is more reliable, confident, and in control of themselves when an emergency arises. At ULTIMAX SECURITY we belief that people who are trained are more likely to take immediate action in an emergency situation until additional help arrives.

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