Our static guard recruitment process is usually strict and undertakes interviewees who meet our six main requirements (but are not limited to):
1. Grade 10 Certificate or above
2. English and Tok Pidgin Fluency
3. Read and Write Clearly
4. Can communicate easily and confidently
5. Sharp and Energetic
6. Medical and Police Clearances
After interview, all new recruits undergo an entry test to prove their general ability and knowledge before introducing them to our Training Courses. Failure to pass the entry test results in dismissal from training. Once passing the entry test, the trainees are then expected to receive at least 40 hours of basic training. This course covers all the important areas needed for this basic training. It enables our new guards to pass tests and earn security guard certificate before deployment. An additional 30 hours of training is required on-site training during probation. The guards are expected to complete a total of 70 hours before they qualify to be permanently deployed.

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