Ultimax Security has a very young and vibrant management team. We have well educated and trained professionals with good understanding of the industry. The Management team is comprised of our Managing Director (founder), General Manager, HR Manager, Operations Manager, Finance and Admin Manager, Client Relations Manager and a Logistics Manager. We probably have the youngest management team for an aspiring local SME in the country and we take pride in our collaborative potential to consistently improve the quality of our product/service.

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Mr Collin Kopyoto

CEO/ MANAGING DIRECTOR – Ultimax Security is a brainchild of Collin Kopyoto. He founded Ultimax Security in 2014 and has built the company into what we now see. He is a young and goal-driven person who has broader understanding of the Security Industry. Collin has a background of Multimedia Production from the University of Canberra. He also has a Certificate II in Security Operations from the CPP07 Property Services Training Package from Australian. This means that his qualification certificate is recognized in Australian Qualifications Framework. He currently oversees the overall

Mr Peter Pumuye

GENERAL MANAGER – Peter brings over 5 years of experience to ULTIMAX, with his previous engagements in project management and coordination roles with both foreign and locally owned companies. Although quite young, he has sound management skills of building a strong inclusive workforce because of his natural acumen in understanding his employees well coupled with his high level of commitment towards work. Peter ensures that all department managers not only meet strict deadlines but produce quality results plus have new systems properly regulated including making sure the overall team is on track.

Mr Presley Kaino

OPERATIONS MANAGER – Presley with his vast experience in military and security investigations and reporting, he pushes the zone managers, duty managers and location supervisors to observe, monitor and report in terms of location statuses and incidents. He oversees the entire operations to ensure that our guards are implementing and delivering their duties at each of their respective place of work in the city.

Mrs Jacklyn Kopyoto

FINANCE & ADMIN MANAGER – Jacklyn has been with the company since Ultimax Security went into operations in 2014. She started off working as the Admin and Payroll clerk and performed clerical task involved in the preparation of payroll processing and record keeping. On November 2018, Jacklyn was promoted to Managers position looking after Finance and Admin department. With a Bachelors in Accounting and Management from PAU, Jacklyn has been instrumental in providing financial reports and advice required by the management for making important decisions going forward.

Mr Rex Miriye

LOGISTICS MANAGER – Rex with his vast experience in organization skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills and meeting due dates, ensures all fleets and company tools are up to date for our normal operations. Rex Plays a significant role in ensuring all company assets are registered and he keeps up to date records of all items. He also checks and makes recommendations for purchase of new items like uniforms, hand radios, stationary items, car parts and other company items. He supports and ensures our operations runs smoothly on a daily basis to meet our clients’ needs.

Why choose Ultimax Security?

We offer affordable and quality security services and advice.